25 September 2007

The Most Terrifying Video You'll Ever See

I just watched the subj video on Youtube and I found it to be quite frightening but not in the way the author intended. His oversimplification was to the point of distoriton and it is the type of distortion that is used to force political action in a direction that is not usually in the best interests of humanity.

Wonderingmind42 asks if anyone can find errors in his work. There are several errors:

  • 1. He assumes that GCC is caused by human action. There is significant evidence that this is not true. In this case the Manmade/True/Yes square is not "money well spent" since that money was spent on measures against irrelevant (or perhaps not driver) activities. Massive resources are squandered and we are left dealing with a new global climate reality that we have not prepared for.

  • 2. He assumes that GCC is reversable/stoppable. In this case Manmade/Nature is irrelevant. The result of this logic error is that The action taken in the True/Yes square results in a happy face when, indeed the action that needs to be taken, for a Natural/True/Yes square, is to learn how to best deal with the new global climate reality. In this case, the action taken for the Manmade/True/Yes square would have the same result as the Manmade/True/No square.

  • 3. As noted by RichieSmooth in an earlier comment, "global recession ... is as bad as the true/no option. Your health and quality of life can go down just as much, you've simplified the downside of false/yes too much."

This kind of oversimplification and silencing of dissent as the GCC Movement is doing usually results in disaster. Hopefully, reason will prevail this time.