05 September 2007

South Korea Taliban as Foreign Affairs Ministry

In a brave move to resolve the hostage crisis in Afghanistan the South Korean government of President Roh Moo-hyun has hired the Taliban to kidnap and kill people who travel to Afghanistan to help bring the country out of the catastrophic anarchy inflicted by the Taliban since they seized power in 1995. As part of the deal the Taliban have take ownership of South Korea's sovereignty over their Foreign Policy, a role that they and their partners al-Qaeda assumed in Spain in March 2004.

While Roh might interpret his actions differently, it is rare that one is permitted to determine one's historical epithet. It is, however, certain that the success met by the Taliban in its dealings with Roh's government will ensure that they use similar tactics in the future. They would be fools not to and they have indicated positively that they will. Further, the success will encourage the Taliban to take more bold actions against Afghan civilians, aid workers, and other caring civilized people with anticipated impunity and the money awarded them by the South Koreans as part of the deal will enable them to fund paramilitary activities against the troops trying to bring a semblance of order to the country.

Korea was once a great nation whose influence was formational to the development of the Japanese civilization and who maintained independance in the face of attempted invasions from the Mongols and Japanese as well as constant pressures from neighbouring China. How truly pathetic that they should fall so far as to roll over for a bunch of bandit dogs in the backward sticks of a tribal hinterland.

The streets of Seoul are truly paved with the blood of their betters. May they long hang their heads in shame.